06 1 / 2014

Come back after being gone for a night.

Kitty: Meow meow meow (where were you )

Me: sorry kitty i was with someone 

Kitty: MEOW meow (i smell ANOTHER cat)

Me: It was nothing the cat wouldnt really let me pet him

Kitty: Meow meow (i dont care)

*sits on keyboard* 

Kitty: meow meow meow (pet me till you make up for your sins and betrayal)

Me: fine kitty *pets kitty, kitty purrs loudly*

19 12 / 2013

I forgot about this! Im so glad Kitty isnt like that

19 12 / 2013

*doing dishes when all the sudden Kitty comes up and rubs my leg and meowing* 

ME: Yes kiity?

Kitty: Meeeowww

Me: You want to be petted?

Kitty: Meow meow *stands on back legs*

Me: Aww ok *pets kitty* ok now I have to do the dishes.

Kitty Meoowww *starts going in circles trying to lead me*

Me: Do you want me to follow?

Kitty: Meowwww *looks at food bowl*

Me: You have food

Kitty: meow (rough translate there is no food see there is a empty spot)

*shakes food bowl*

Me: better?

Kitty: Meow

13 12 / 2013

I have a boyfriend.
Oh wait, no.
No that’s a cat.
I have a cat

13 12 / 2013

*sets hot chocolate down, kitty jumps on table* 

Me: No kitty you cant have my hot chocolate

Kitty: Meow?

*kitty sniffs hot chocolate*


*grabs cups and guards it*

*kitty gives me sad face*

I now feel like a bitch >.>

11 12 / 2013

Living with a cat part two
Sitting on living room floor stretching and yoga. Be in the butterfly position out of no where the cat darts at me. 
Me: yeskotty do you need something
Kitty: Meow meow * bats at my hair * 
Me: can I do my exercise? 
Kitty: meow meow meow (translate does this stretching involve petting me)
me: *ignores Kitty*
Kitty: *deathstare*

I think I signed me death warrant

10 12 / 2013

Me: Kitty can I help you
Kitty: Meow?
Me: Kitty must you sit on my chest that is not a place to sit
Kitty: Meow meow meow ( which roughly translates to i dont give a fuck I sit where I want)
Me: Fine you can sit here.